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A Plea for Mulitfunctional Landscapes

PECS scientists make the case in a guest editorial that multifunctional landscapes are good for people and the environment

In this guest editorial published in the March issue of Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, the authors argue for multifunctional landscapes. Pushing back against the trend in calling for ‘’sustainable intensification’’ of agriculture and the long-running ‘’land sparing’’/’’land sharing’’ debate, the authors outline how multifunctional landscapes provide a diversity of benefits to a diversity of beneficiaries. Importantly, it is local people that are more likely to benefit from multifunctional landscapes, as well as have impact on the landscape management. Who benefits from multifunctional landscape, is a continuously reemerging theme arising in discussions within the PECS community.


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Fischer, J., Meacham, M. and Queiroz, C., 2017. A plea for multifunctional landscapes. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 15(2), pp.59-59.


Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment


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