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Sustainable Land Management in a global context

This PECS-endorsed research programme has come to its end after more than eight years. It has produced some fantastic knowledge synthesis material.

Sustainable land management (SLM) is on the highest of global agendas. The UN Convention to Combat Desertifcation (UNCCD), for example, is prioritizing sustainable development goal (SDG) number 15 – Life on Land. Pressures on the world’s land are clearly mounting. Increasing consumption and growing population are placing a complex demand on food supply, and climate change has become an urgent stressor. This PECS-endorsed research project asks how we can respond with a more sustainable use of precious land resources? Is it possible for agriculture to gain higher, more reliable yields – and yet do so responsibly?

Making the scientific understanding of sustainable land management usable the research programme on SLM funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research – BMBF - had a dedicated scientific synthesis project, GLUES, that was coordinated by the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ. The insights will enable policymakers and others to support SLM as a vital contribution to global problems. Now more than ever, lessons about the interactions between land use and socioeconomic, cultural, environmental and climate factors are of crucial importance.

A summary of the collaborative work from the 12 regional projects and GLUES can be found at link, opens in new window. There are nine selected topics that can be navigated as key words from the landing page, including global scientific synthesis, climate change or stakeholder involvement. By clicking on any of the nine keywords, readers get a general overview of the selected topic, followed by further information about individual regional projects that addressed that particular theme.

There is also some great material here, including this great policy briefPDF that summarizes the results of the project under the themes of
food security, water management, climate change, biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services – and gives practical solutions for global and local challenges in land use.

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