Seeds of Good Anthropocenes - update

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Hello! We are just starting the second year of this project, and building momentum with new seeds, collaborations with different communities, workshops, conference contributions, as well as scientific papers and book chapters. We thought we should take a minute and let our online comunity know how the project is progressing and what we are doing with the seeds that we have collected so far. Note that this is primarily still a research project, but we have aspirations to expand it into something more public, participatory, and inspirational.

The website is our primary method of communication with diverse communities, and you can follow us on twitter to find out when new seeds have been posted on the website (@seedsGA). We try to post stories about individual seeds about twice a week and there are 46 stories to date. Some of these stories are quite popular, having been viewed hundreds of times since publication. On the website we present a range of the seeds as they have been submitted, focusing on their positive and innovative aspects and what they have achieved so far. We are considering adding some interactive features to the website to allow our online community to give feedback on the seeds (e.g. we do not expect that all people will agree that a particular seed is ‘good’, so why might it not be good for some people or places?) and their potential for contributing to a better world, and under what conditions they could be expected to thrive or fail.

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