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Gathering visions of “Good Anthropocenes”

We are currently building a database of diverse visions of alternate, positive futures - that we call "seeds". We want to gather seeds from a large diversity of people, disciplines and regions, and we hope you will help us!

The PECS working group on the ”Seeds of a Good Anthropocene” is a suite of research activities that  aim to solicit, explore, and develop a suite of alternative, plausible visions of “Good Anthropocenes” – positive visions of futures that are socially and ecologically desirable, just, and sustainable. These futures, while difficult to imagine, are likely to be composed of many elements already in existence. The project calls these elements “seeds”, and expects that these seeds have the potential to combine and interact in novel and surprising ways to create almost unimaginable alternate futures.

Our aim is to facilitate the project’s access to and engagement with a large community worldwide in order for the project team to be able to reach out widely in their collection of seeds, from a large diversity of disciplines, worldviews, values, and regions! A survey is currently helping collect the seeds.external link

The seed you submit can be related to your research, your personal experience, or something entirely different. The project is open to any kind of seeds, although it has to exist at least in prototype form somewhere in the world. To date, seeds include innovative local projects, novel organisations, new technologies, education platforms or programmes, and social-ecological innovations. Examples of some of the seeds submitted to date can be found on the project’s weblog at Seeds of Good Anthropocenesexternal link, where you can also find out more about the project and who is involved.

The submitted seeds will be used in a number of ways. The database of seeds that is being built will be used to analyse people’s what people want in a good future; to understand when, where, and why these positive elements occur; and to develop visions of alternate, positive futures for the planet. The work will be described in academic and popular articles.

Based on people’s experience the survey will likely take between 5-15 minutes depending on how easily you are able to describe the seed. Click here to submit your seed(s)!external link

On behalf of the project’s team, we thank you in advance for your willingness to contribute with your seed(s) to this project. We also invite you to forward this invitation to your collaborators whom you feel would be able to contribute too!

The project is funded by Future Earthexternal link, the Future Earth research programmes PECS and ecoSERVICESexternal link, as well as the Sweden’s International Development Agency, and the Stockholm Resilience Centreexternal link.

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The Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society (PECS), is a core project of Future Earth. It aims to integrate research on the stewardship of social–ecological system and the relationships among natural capital, human wellbeing, livelihoods, inequality and poverty.