A synthesis for everyone: 5 years of work in Romania

After five years of work in Southern Transylvania, the Sustainable Landscapes in Romania project has now officially finished.

The Sustainable Landscapes in Romaniaexternal link was the first project to be endorsed by PECS. A recent post at the Ideas for Sustainability blogexternal link, by the project lead Joern Fischer summarizes the thinking behind one of the final synthesis products toexternal link come out of this project and also highlights the future work planned in the region.

"In an effort to provide an accessible overview of the various things we did, we have just completed a small book that tries to bring everything together. This book could be useful for NGOs in Romania, for engaged citizens and community leaders; but it might also be useful for researchers working on similar issues elsewhere to get a sense for how others go about this kind of work.

Like our booklet on scenario planningexternal link, this new bookexternal link is published by Pensoft, and is open access. This means you are free to download it and share it with whoever you think may be interested in it.

With this project coming to an end (there are still three or so papers in the pipeline…), one might wonder: what next? Well, we do continue to be involved in Central Romania, albeit in a slightly different way. With the new project “Leverage Points for Sustainability Transformation“external link, we’ll try to address some of the deeper challenges underpinning un-sustainability. So stay tuned …"


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