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Anthropocene visioning

How can we develop a suite of alternative, plausible and positive visions for Good Anthropocenes?

The Seeds of Good Anthropocenes project aims to explore positive futures that are socially and ecologically desirable, just and sustainable. One of its key goals is to explore and develop a suite of alternative visions for good Anthropocenes. A novel approach in the development of these visions is the focus on “seeds” - initiatives that represent alternative ways of thinking, doing, technologies or institutions that exist in experimental form, but are not dominant features of today’s world.

Recently, a series of workshops in South Africa culminated in a larger "Anthropocene visioning" workshop that was the first attempt within the larger Seeds of Good Anthropocenes initiative to generate actual scenarios or visions of radically alternative “good” futures based on these seeds. The workshop focussed specifically on generating a set of visions of the Good Anthropocene for the southern African region, loosely defined. The workshop brought together people from different seed initiatives, together with scientists, artists, policy-makers and practitioners to learn from one another, connect, and be inspired to work towards a better future. Since such an exercise had not been conducted before, the team had to experiment with new approaches and methods in the context of generating scenarios.


Here is a link to the workshop reportexternal link, and a link to a feature in the Conversation.external link


Next week, the project team will be welcoming another group of two dozen people, including visionaries, futures thinkers, city employees, artists, and more to Stockholm for a new workshop to develop scenarios about the future of the Anthropocene in Europe. Again, these future scenarios will emerge from ‘seeds’ that many workshop participants will be representing.

Stay tuned for more information on the outputs from the workshop!

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