Mapping bundles of ecosystem services reveals distinct types of multifunctionality within a Swedish landscape
A recent study reveals that there are five distinct bundles of ecosystem services across the Stockholm region (Norrström drainage basin).
PECS special issue in Ecology and Society - first paper out
First paper in the PECS special issue : A holistic approach to studying social-ecological systems and its application to Southern Transylvania
SPACES training workshop and scientific meeting
Last week (16-24 November 2014) 15 team members the SPACES project from Kenya, Mozambique, UK and Canada gathered in Sweden for a training workshop and a scientific meeting.
PECS working group on Collaborative governance and management receives ISSC grant
Seed grants of up to €30 000 have been awarded to 38 emerging research networks under the ISSC’s Transformations to Sustainability Programme.
Maintaining local ecological knowledge in Mediterranean watersheds
Local ecological knowledge (LEK) has been found to be one of the main bridges to manage biocultural diversity. Understanding the factors that maintain LEK is of critical importance for policy.
Biodiversity and Food Security – From Trade-offs to Synergies
3rd International Conference on Biodiversity and the UN Millennium Development Goals
PECS project in the Yahara watershed
The Water Sustainability and Climate project is analyzing the Yahara Watershed, an agricultural urbanizing watershed in southern Wisconsin, USA, to assess its resilience to changing drivers.
Future Earth launches eight initiatives to accelerate global sustainable development
Future Earth has awarded eight new Fast Track Initiatives and Cluster Activities, fully supported by the US National Science Foundation.
REPICORE project announces PhD position in marine governance
This position in the REPICORE project will focus on identifying feasible governance structures that contribute to the sustainable use of coral reef resources by addressing and mitigating negative social-ecological feedbacks.
PECS bloggers
A quick rundown of the brilliant blogs run by PECS projects or PECS affiliated researchers


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PECS - Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society

Stockholm Resilience Centre

Stockholm University
SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden
Visiting address: Kräftriket 2


The Program on Ecosystem Change and Society (PECS), is a new initiative jointly sponsored by ICSU and UNESCO. It aims to integrate research on the stewardship of social–ecological system and the relationships among natural capital, human wellbeing, livelihoods, inequality and poverty.